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The spirit, skills, and experience that make up Cape Media have been around since the principle owner, Erik Lord, received his Masters in Instructional Technology from Bloomsburg University in 1994. Erik worked for a few companies, big and small, for the next several years. Following a job to Annapolis, Maryland, Erik found the city and community perfect for 'putting down roots'. Shortly thereafter he met his wife, Jennifer, who also worked in the multimedia training field as an Instructional Designer (and backup accountant as needed). The two found themselves compatible in more ways than one and, shortly after their nuptuals, decided to start their own company catering to this eLearning arena.

They bought a house and settled in the community of Cape St. Claire, just outside of Annapolis. Enamored with their new surroundings, and the fact that '' was available, Cape Media was born shortly after. A much better name, it was agreed, than Erik's former name for his contracting work - 'Koole Studio'.

Adobe Community ProfessionalBetween the two owners, Cape Media has a combined 18 years in instructional design and multimedia development experience. To illustrate their abilities, Erik has been a Adobe Community Professional member contributing to Authorware, Captivate, and general eLearning support for over 10 years. If there are ever skills required which are lacking, Cape Media turns to its list of remarkable and dependable contractors to help get the job done. Most of these folks are friends with whom either Erik or Jen, or both, have directly worked with over the course of their careers. As a small, independant shop with very talented and motivated contractors, Cape Media can offer aggressive, competitive rates while providing quality results. Let us help show you the way to an engaging, effective, and truly outstanding multimedia product.

Careers: As a small company, we are always on the lookout for new talent with whom we can establish outside contracts. If you have a few years of experience in the multimedia and/or training field and a reasonably fast internet connection, freely drop us a line from our Contact page.